What I’m Reading – Mar/Apr 2018


MyGrandmotherMy Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry – Frederik Backman, 2016 (Amazon)

Elsa is 7 years old, and her grandmother is her superhero.  But eventually all superheroes die, and now Elsa is discovering that all the fairy tales her grandmother told her are true, as she finds and delivers the strange letters that were left behind for Elsa to deliver.  Written by the same author as “A Man Called Ove” – also a must-read – you will fall in love with Elsa and her other-ness.

houseThe House on Tradd Street – Karen White, 2008 (Amazon)

So I read this before bed for two nights – no big deal, was able to put it down & go right to sleep.  The 3rd night, however, I had to stay up and finish it!  And then I couldn’t turn out the lights!  Excellent read – a page-turning ghost story & mystery with a satisfying ending.  Now excuse me while I go look up the sequels…


rickLate, Late at Night – Rick Springfield, 2010 (Amazon)

Written with self-deprecating wit and honesty, Rick Springfield’s autobiography made Rolling Stone’s Top 25 list of rock memoirs.  The guy who fell for “Jessie’s Girl” (actually she was Gary’s girl, but that would’ve made a lousy song title) tells his story of rise and fall and rise again – after surviving an early suicide attempt and all while suffering with his Darkness (depression).


Re Read

princessbrideThe Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure – William Goldman, 1974 (Amazon)

Goldman adapted his own novel into the cult classic 1987 screenplay.  That should tell you plenty.  This book has everything: true love, sword fights, giants, fire swamps, kidnapping, miracle Max…. and is relentless witty!  Anyone who has loved the movie will enjoy this book…. and anyone who has never seen the movie will love this book!


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