Spamalot Opening Night

What an exciting weekend! Evergreen Players’ Spamalot opened on Friday to a fabulous almost-sold-out audience.  Everything came together at the last minute to create a truly fun and enjoyable show.  And while everyone in the cast & crew is ready for some down time – myself included! – I’m sure we’re all very proud of the magical experience we were able to pull off.

Opening Night Flowers!  Thanks, Clay & Preston!

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend… After a long and stressful tech week, the ladies of the ensemble came into the dressing room on Friday evening to find some lovely surprises!  Roses – 2 each – from our director, Clay White, and choreographer, Preston Britton, along with a framed picture of the ladies ensemble in our “Vegas wedding” costumes, and sweet notecards wishing us a happy opening night.

Showgirl costumes – glittering in progress

We also were surprised to find our showgirl bustiers (used in the “Knights of the Round Table” dance number) covered in gorgeous silver glitter! Our director and choreographer had bedazzled them and painted them with spray-on glitter. The only problem was, every time we put them on, took them off, or touched them in any way, little clouds & waterfalls of glitter would shower down everywhere.  By the time we had taken them off for the night (they’re only used in one scene), we all looked like we’d been attacked by unicorns.  In fact, here’s my Facebook post from later that evening (Brian deBaets is our Lancelot, and Jessica Swanson is one of the ensemble ladies):

Following a successful opening night performance – during which the audience laughed in all the right places – the whole cast & crew celebrated in the lobby with champagne and cake and nibbles, and toasted to 11 more wonderful runs.

The Amazing Cast of Spamalot (plus director Clay & choreographer Preston)



For more information on the Evergreen Players’ production of Spamalot, please click over to

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