Last Catherine Interview – Marilyn Monroe (Part 1)

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss
and only fifty cents for your soul.” — Marilyn Monroe
Finally all that trivia I’ve been collecting for years came in handy!! 🙂  I was interviewed along with Julia Sola by my friends on podcast Last Catherine the other day regarding screen legend Marilyn Monroe – who she was, her importance and impact on sexuality and 1950s culture, and why she still endures as an icon of femininity over 50 years after her death in 1962.
In Part 1, we  talk about who Marilyn was and how she became a household name.  How she went from Norma Jean Dougherty, a married teenager taking occasional modeling gigs in 1945…
Photo by Andre De Dienes, 1945 (source)

…to Marilyn Monroe, a blonde divorcée, professional model and working actress in 1949.

Photo by Andre De Dienes, 1949 (source)

So that by June 1953, she was putting her handprints in cement outside Graumann’s Chinese Theater with Jane Russell, her costar in musical comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

26 June, 1953 (source)

That’s quite a transformation in just a few years!   We also discuss the infamous first issue of Playboy, which featured a nude photo of Marilyn (not taken for or by the magazine), and how that impacted her public image and career.

Tune in in the coming weeks for part 2!

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